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    1. Renaissance Kids!

      Apr 13 2015

    1. Camden - Become a Better Gardener: Seed Collecting and Winter Propogating

      Sep 19 2015

    1. Camden - Become a Better Gardener: Bulbs, Summer and Fall

      Aug 15 2015

    1. Camden - Become a Better Gardener: Tomatoes, the Gain and the Pain

      Jul 18 2015

    1. Camden - Become a Better Gardener: Roses

      Jun 20 2015

Featured program

New Books


Apr 13 2015

Renaissance Kids!

Did you know that the man who first designed helicopters, parachutes, tanks and hang gliders - also painted the Mona Lisa and made musical instruments? 
Did you know lots of paintings are full of secret symbols?  And that you can crack the code? 
Did you ever wondered how artists make flat paintings look so 3-D?
Did you know some artists use fruit - or flowers - or even spaghetti and chocolate syrup to make their works of art?
Did you know that there is Science In Art?
Did you know you can create a Tableau Vivant - or 'living picture' - of your favorite picture?
If you've ever wondered about any of these things, join us for 'Renaissance Kids' at the Camden Branch of the Kershaw County Library!  We'll be exploring various aspects of art and the science behind them, each and every Monday from April 13 to May 18 at 4:30pm.
Registration is open now for kids aged 6-11.  Please email Jennifer at jenniferl@kershawcountylibrary.org for more information or to sign up for this jaunty new group!
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