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Jul 18
July 18, 2024 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Lego Club: Summer 2024

Camden Branch, Camden SC

Kids of all ages are welcome to join us at the library to build with Legos! There is no need to bring your own; we have plenty to play with.

Jul 18
July 18, 2024 @ 6:00 pm – 6:30 pm

PJ Storytime – July 2024

Bethune Branch, Bethune SC

Get the kids ready for bed and join us at the Bethune library for sweet bedtime stories for little ones. Ages 0-8.

Jul 18
July 18, 2024 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Puzzle Pandemonium – July 2024

Camden Branch, Camden SC

Back by popular request! Bring a team of family or friends (3-5 people) to compete in putting together a puzzle.  Prizes awarded.  Register by emailing laurend@kershawcountylibrary.org.

Summer Reading with Kershaw County’s Community Quest

  • Hike it: a complete guide to camping, hiking, and backpacking in the U.S.A.

    Iron Tazz

    Discover camping, hiking, and backpacking with internet sensation Iron Tazz. This fully-illustrated book is the perfect introduction to enjoying America’s great outdoors. Explore 20 National Parks with incredible trails that take you past snow-capped mountains, along stunning coastlines, and through ancient forests, and discover the majesty of nature with glorious…

  • A Park Connects Us

    Sarah Nelson

    A Park Connects Us is a picture book celebration of the urban park — that rare space in the city that is truly shared by all. From the opening spread in which the park “spreads out its arms and welcomes us in, whoever we are …” readers are invited to…

  • The City Sings Green and Other Poems about Welcoming Wildlife

    Erica Silverman

    A unique and artful blend of poetry, science, and activism, this picture book shows how city dwellers can intervene so that nature can work her magic.

  • My Day with Mom

    Rae Crawford

    A little girl spends a fun day with Mom going to the park, the art fair, [and] the farmers market, and [then] ending the day by making a yummy soup.

  • The Last Stand

    Antwan Eady

    A little boy is excited to work alongside his Papa as they collect eggs, plums, peppers and pumpkins to sell at their stand in the farmer’s market, but when Papa cannot make it to the stand, his community gathers around him, with dishes made of his own produce.

  • Cloaked in Courage : uncovering Deborah Sampson, patriot soldier

    Beth Anderson

    Deborah Sampson longs to break free. To be much more than a girl is allowed to be. Caught up in her country’s fight for independence, 18-year-old Deborah declares her own independence. She soon enlists in George Washington’s Continental Army, signing on as Robert Shurtliff. A young lady can’t battle the…

  • Wonders of the Night Sky : astronomy starts with just looking up

    Raman Prinja

    For millennia, curious people have looked to the sky and wanted to understand the wonders that appeared. Readers can connect to the many parts of our universe visible to the naked eye and make inspiring connections to the science behind the stellar backdrop.

  • Wind’s Woodland

    Leoncia Cruz (Nature as Teacher Environmental Education Specialist)

    The story of Wind’s Woodland follows Child on a whirl-wind adventure through a nearby woodland. Accompanied by a moustached beetle, a peculiar wind, and a curious dog, Child learns about nature’s connections from creepy-crawlies in the soil to the kooky sounds of the woodpecker and to the ways the sun feeds the earth. …

  • The Camping and Hiking Encyclopedia

    Kathryn Hulick

    The Camping and Hiking Encyclopedia allows readers to explore outdoor opportunities. Alongside information that ranges from RV camping to backcountry hikes, readers will learn about ways to prepare for a camping or hiking trip as well as ways to safely enjoy their time in nature.

  • Leo on a Hike

    Anna McQuinn

    Leo and his father go on a hike and discover many interesting things along the way.

  • How to Go Hiking

    Jean Reagan

    New hiking boots call for a hiking adventure! Pack your backpack with snacks, water, and a map, and join an uncle and his nephew as they head out for their trip, but this time, the kids lead the way!

  • Just Keep Walking

    Erin Soderberg Dowing

    Two years after her parents’ surprising and painful split, twelve-year-old Jo and her mom find themselves on the 100-mile hike on the Superior Hiking Trail along Lake Superior’s north shore–a journey that Jo had always looked forward to hiking with her dad. It’s not a situation that either of them…

  • Wilderness Adventure Camp : essential outdoor survival skills for kids

    Frank Grindrod

    Whether in the rugged backcountry or a suburban backyard, kids can experience the sense of personal independence and self-confidence that come from mastering outdoor know-how, while also developing a deeper connection to and understanding of the natural world. Led by outdoor leader Frank Grindrod of Earthwork Programs, every turn of…

  • The Book of Outdoor Games : 50+ unplugged activities for kids and family

    Emily Philpott

    Keeping your kids entertained and active just became a lot easier with over 50 unplugged activities in The Book of Outdoor Games. Encourage your kids to get outside for hours of fun. Build outdoor forts, create obstacle courses, or try out new jump rope games. Kids will enjoy throwbacks to…

  • Wild Child : nature adventures for young explorers

    Dara McAnulty

    A multi-sensory journey teaching kids to love the outdoors with creatures to find, fantastic facts to learn, and projects to do.

  • All about Nature: animals, insects, plants, and more!

    Huda Jarajli

    Can you feel the sun? Hear the birds singing? See colorful leaves on the trees? That’s nature! This picture book of fun facts teaches toddlers all about land, water, air, and critters big and small. Watch them discover their inner explorer as they look for different kinds of rocks, spot…

  • Let’s Play in the Park : in English and Spanish = Juguemos en el Parque : en Inglés y Español

    René Colato Latínez

    Two friends, an English speaker and a Spanish speaker, go to the park for a day filled with games and making new friends.

  • The Kids’ Field Guide to Birds : 80+ species profiles : how to get started : activities and fun facts

    Daisy Yuhas

    The Kids’ Field Guide to Birds is an exciting introduction to bird spotting for kids (and their parents), helping to identify common species while keeping things fun with activities and features throughout.

  • Be a Nature Explorer! : outdoor activities and adventures

    Peter Wohlleben

    52 outdoor activities one for every week of the year! Being outside is fun when you’ve got lots to explore, discover, track, and create! This book is filled with educational activities that kids will love, like harvesting algae, pressing flowers, and watching spiders spin their webs. Written by a famous…

  • Nature Explorer: get outside, observe, and discover the natural world

    Jenny deFeuw Greuder

    Whether you live in the middle of a big city or along a rural countryside, nature surrounds you the moment you step outside. It’s the air you breathe and the ground beneath your feet. It’s the birds, the bugs, the grass, and the trees. Celebrate the great outdoors, and become…