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  • Grateful : the transformative power of giving thanks

    By: Dana Butler Bass

    If gratitude is good, why is it so hard to do? In Grateful, Diana Butler Bass untangles our conflicting understandings of gratitude and sets the table for a renewed practice of giving thanks. We know that gratitude is good, but many of us find it hard to sustain a meaningful life of gratefulness. Four out of five Americans report feeling gratitude on a regular basis, but those private feelings seem disconnected from larger concerns of our public lives. In Grateful, cultural observer and theologian Diana Butler Bass takes on this “gratitude gap” and offers up surprising, relevant, and powerful insights to practice gratitude. Bass, author of the award-winning Grounded and ten other books on spirituality and culture, explores the transformative, subversive power of gratitude for our personal lives and in communities. Using her trademark blend of historical research, spiritual insights, and timely cultural observation, she shows how we can overcome this gap and make change in our own lives and in the world. With honest stories and heartrending examples from history and her own life, Bass reclaims gratitude as a path to greater connection with god, with others, with the world, and even with our own souls. It’s time to embrace a more radical practice of gratitude–the virtue that heals us and helps us thrive.

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  • We are grateful : otsaliheliga

    By: Traci Sorrell

    The word otsaliheliga is used by members of the Cherokee Nation to express gratitude. Beginning in the fall with the new year and ending in summer, follow a full Cherokee year of celebrations and experiences. Written by a citizen of the Cherokee Nation, this look at one group of Native Americans is appended with a glossary and the complete Cherokee syllabary, originally created by Sequoyah.

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  • If you lived during the Plimoth Thanksgiving

    By: Chris Newell

    Do you know the true story of the Thanksgiving feast at Plimoth? Carefully crafted to explore both sides of this historical event, this book is a great choice for Thanksgiving units, and for teaching children about the true history of this popular holiday.https://sclends.lib.sc.us/eg/opac/record/3387435

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  • Harvest days : giving thanks around the world

    By: Kate DePalma

    Through lyrical, rhyming text and vibrant artwork, young readers can explore twelve cultures around the world, learning all about their harvest festivals, days of thanks, ancient traditions and the activities associated with them.

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  • Keepunumuk : Weeâchumun’s Thanksgiving story

    By: Danielle Greendeer

    Wampanoag children listen as their grandmother tells them the story about how Weeâchumun (the wise Corn) asked local Native Americans to show the newcomers how to grow food to yield a good harvest–Keepunumuk–in 1621.

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  • Giving thanks : how Thanksgiving became a national holiday

    By: Denise Kiernan

    The beautifully illustrated true story of how Thanksgiving became a national holiday in America, of Sarah Josepha Hale, the woman who made the holiday happen, and of the role of gratitude the world over.

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  • Even robots can be thankful!

    By: Jan Thomas

    In three stories, Red Robot and Blue Robot learn that gratitude is not always easy, but best friends are something to be thankful for.

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  • Give thanks : you can reach out and spread joy!

    By: Naomi Shulman

    Give Thanks offers simple ways kids can be aware of the gifts at hand in their lives – and reap the feel-good benefits. The book features 50 simple activity prompts, from starting a gratitude journal and taking a thankfulness walk to playing gratitude games at the dinner table.

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  • Plymouth Colony

    By: Lisa Tanya Brooks

    For the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s arrival, a landmark collection of firsthand accounts charting the history of the English newcomers and their fateful encounters with the region’s native peoples.

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  • Pookie’s Thanksgiving

    By: Sandra Boynton

    Pookie’s family spends a terrific Thanksgiving Day together, with love and gratitude. (AND PIE!!!)

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  • The Thank You Book

    By: Danna Smith

    This joyous board book celebrates the different ways we can say thank you to those around us–from hugging a friend to thanking a teacher, to showing gratitude in even bigger ways!

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