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Before you meet your future husband : 30 questions to ask yourself and 30 heartfelt prayers

Robin Jones Gunn

Before You Meet Your Future Husband focuses on three areas in which a young woman needs to mature before she’s ready for marriage-her head, her heart, and her generosity to others. With a focus on praying for her own growth and understanding, this book leads teen and young adult readers through the steps they need to take to create a healthy relationship and lay the foundation for a satisfying future.

Girl forgotten

April Henry

When seventeen-year-old Piper Gray starts a true crime podcast investigating a seventeen-year-old murder cold case, she puts her life in danger as she digs deep into the mysteries of the past.

Wildblood: a novel

Lauren Blackwood

Kidnapped at six and sent to work at the Exotic Lands Touring Company as a Wildblood tour guide, eighteen-year-old Victoria takes on a dangerous expedition through the monster-filled Jamaican jungle to secure a better future and find where she truly belongs.

When you wish upon a lantern

Gloria Chao

A romance about teens who devote themselves to granting other people’s wishes, but are too afraid to let them selves have their own hearts’ desires –each other.

Burn down, rise up

Vincent Tirado

For over a year the Bronx has been plagued by unexplained disappearances. Raquel does her best to ignore it: after all, the police only look for the white kids. Then her crush Charlize’s cousin goes missing–and Raquel’s mom comes down with a mysterious illness that seems linked to the disappearances. Raquel and Charlize discover that everything is tied to a terrifying urban legend called the Echo Game. The game is rumored to trap people in a sinister world underneath the city, and the rules are based on a particularly dark chapter in New York’s past. If the friends want to save their home–and everyone they love–, they will have to play the game and destroy the evil. Or die trying.

Seven Minutes in Candyland

Brian Wasson

Sophomore Kalvin Shmelton has finally perfected his underground candy-selling hustle at school. He keeps his prices reasonable, his inventory fresh, and himself out of the drama. But when a heartbroken Sterling Glistern, Kal’s longtime crush, barges into the storage closet where he keeps his candy supply, a new source of income unexpectedly presents itself: relationship therapist. He only meant to help Sterling realize she’s dating a jerk, and maybe win her over, but news spreads fast that Kalvin’s not just the master of sweets–but hearts, too.

This Cursed Light

Emily Thiede

Dante and Alessa face their most daunting challenge yet when the Gods demand they prove their worth by choosing the ultimate sacrifice to save humanity, once and for all.


Emma Krogell

In a world where weredogs, witches, and humans live side by side, Lumine is a down-on-his-luck weredog with nowhere to turn…until he meets antisocial witch boy Kody. Lumine has a big, fluffy secret: he is a werewolf, a rare and powerful type of magical being thought to be extinct. Except…he can’t transform properly. When robbers attack the two boys, Lumine shifts into his other form, a tiny, fierce, and ridiculously cute puppy dog. How is he supposed to instill fear in their enemies like that?! Impressed with the small but mighty pup, Kody’s dad hires Lumine to be his son’s bodyguard. Tensions are high in the supernatural community; witch kids have been going missing, and Kody’s father is worried. Lumine is determined to both protect Kody and become his friend, but the secretive witch does everything in his power to keep Lumine at arm’s length. When Lumine persists, he realizes that Kody has his reasons for being so withdrawn: he can’t control his magic, other witches at school are bullying him, and an evil spirit in the shape of a cat is haunting him at every step. Without realizing, Lumine has stumbled paws first into a family full of their own secrets. Kody is plagued by shadows, and his father’s motivations for hiring Lumine aren’t nearly as simple as they seem. Things are far more dangerous than Lumine bargained for, and this is only the beginning.

Fighting for America : Nisei soldiers

Lawrence Y. Matsuda

This graphic novel tells the story of six brave and courageous Nisei soldiers from the Pacific Northwest who proved their loyalty and made a significant mark in American history.

Make Me a Liar

Melissa Landers

Veronica Mars gets a fantastical twist in this novel about a girl with a transferrable consciousness, who uses her power for good, only to have it turned on her when someone uses her body to commit murder. Now she must solve the crime before the killer comes after her.