Daily Living

For people with low vision, limited mobility or hearing, these items can make day to day tasks easier. This collection gives you the opportunity to look over and try some of the devices available.
To borrow these devices from the Kershaw County Library catalog, please follow the links provided for each device. For questions or assistance with the borrowing process, including placing holds or all other borrowing policies, please contact the library directly.
Also included in this list are links to the vendor sites.

Pikstik Adjustable Reacher

This adjustable length reacher with telescopic design and rotating jaw eliminates needless bending and stretching.
Designed for those with limited mobility.

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

The Sonic Boom Alarm Clock uses lights, sounds, and vibration to wake you up! Want to be alerted to the telephone or baby crying? This clock can do that too!
Designed for those with low vision and/or hearing.

Good Grips Button Hook

Great for hard to grasp buttons! The Good Grips Button Hook has a cushioned handle with flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip. Simply hook over button and pull through buttonhole.

Automatic Electric Can Opener

Ovente Easy Open electric can opener has the ability to open various types of cans in just a few seconds. With the power of one touch on the button, it operates and opens the can seamlessly.
Suitable for those with limited mobility or a weak grip.

Robotwist Jar Opener

Robotwist's high-quality design makes opening stubborn jars convenient, fun and easy - just position Robotwist, adjust, press the green button, and watch it un-lid tight fitting jars on its own!
Suitable for those with limited mobility or a weak grip.

Jar Pop Jar Opener

JarPop™ opens tight, vacuum-sealed jars with little effort. Jars are resealable.

Swedish One-handed Cutting Board

Designed for one-handed use, with stainless steel spikes and a vise for holding food and objects. Vise holds food for one-handed cutting. This adaptable Swedish One-Handed Cutting Board can be used to slice and grate food or hold mixing and salad bowls.
Designed for those with limited mobility.

Talking Kitchen Timer

The talking timer comes with 3 independent voice functions of count up, countdown and a clock. It includes a repeat, auto repeat, and a memory function. The memory function lets you store one countdown time setting. There are 8 alarm sounds which can be used for setting different activities.
Suitable for those with limited vision.

Handybar Vehicle Support Handle

Portable handle helps people get in and out of their vehicles safely and confidently.
Designed for those with limited mobility.

Seat Belt Helper

Seat Belt Helper attaches to any car seat belt and creates an extended "handle" for a driver to effortlessly reach the seat belt buckle.
Designed for those with limited mobility.