Friends to Accept Book Donations

Great news! With the Friends’ Book Sale over, the Friends of the Library are now able to accept your donations again. You may drop them off at the donation bin at the back of the Camden Library, or if you are closer to the Elgin or Bethune Branches you may drop them off there (if you have a lot, please call ahead).

What can you donate?

Gently used books in good condition. Hardcover, softcover, fiction or non-fiction are all accepted.

What not to donate?

We cannot accept textbooks/reference books, encyclopedias, magazines or materials which are in poor physical condition.

Your donations of gently used books help the Friends to provide much-needed funds for the library. The Friends help to sponsor summer reading programs, fund purchases of audiobooks and eBooks for our digital collection and help to purchase books, DVDs, and CDs for the library collection.

Questions? Give us a call!