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Please feel free to contact any of us if you have questions or comments.

Keri Boyce, Interim Director,, 803-425-1530

Debbie Heming, Camden Manager,, 803-425-1508 ext. 3207

Rachael Sommer, Elgin and Bethune Manager,, 803-438-7881 ext. 3302 (Elgin);  803-310-6006 (Bethune)

Lauren Decker, Children’s Librarian,, 803-425-1508 ext. 3208

Hanna Gustafson, Outreach and Publicity Coordinator,, 803-424-2353 ext. 3104

Cris Wilson, Adult Services Librarian,, 803-425-1508 ext. 3209

Jennifer Kelley, Collection Development and Cataloging Librarian,, 803-424-2352