KCL Epidemic Plan Stage Three Enacted

The Kershaw County Library, library board, and Kershaw County government officials have been monitoring the status of affairs in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic to best ensure the safety of our patrons and employees. On Tuesday, March 17, KCL officially closed to the public and set forward Stage Three of their Epidemic Procedures. The library has no set date for reopening at this time.

On March 13, KCL enacted Epidemic Preparedness Procedures outlining what the library would do during a epidemic/pandemic (national and/or local). This plan outlines stages of operation, services available, and staff procedure. Since Kershaw County Library is currently at a stage three, the library is closed to the public but open to staff operation (at the discretion of the Director). The library will still offer some select services during this time: WiFi (accessible from the parking lot), telephone reference, and a variety of digital and online services. For more information about the services KCL offers and how to get them, please visit our Epidemic Library Services webpage.

During library closure, all fees and fines for overdue materials will be waived.

At this time, we are not accepting any donations. We are also not accepting any returns. Since there are no fines/fees, please hold onto all materials.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact your local branch (Camden 803-425-1508, Elgin 803-438-7881, Bethune 803-310-6006) or visit our Facebook page as Kershaw County Library will  update often with new information. Please see the links below to valuable resources about COVID-19.

For library updates, stay tuned to our website and our Facebook.