KCL Institutes Stage Two in EPP

The library is announcing to the patrons, as our governor will state tonight in a press conference, SC is going into a state of emergency. With that being said, KCL wanted to share our Epidemic Preparedness Procedures.

This plan has stages for library operation. Kershaw County Library is currently at STAGE TWO. This means that the library is still open, but all gatherings and programs have been cancelled. The library is a quick browse, quick reference, in/out place at the moment. KCL’s goal is to have you in and out in 15 minutes or less to prevent the chance of anyone spreading illness to anyone else.

The library has also taken a reduced hour schedule. All of our locations will now close at 3:30 PM and be open Monday through Friday only.

The procedure is linked below and we also have links to our county’s Coronavirus webpage, as well as WHOs & CDCs websites, for your information and perusal. The best way to handle this is with calm and with the correct information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will do the best we can to answer your questions.

Kershaw County Library’s Epidemic Preparedness Procedures

Further Reading:
Kershaw County’s COVID-19 Webpage
WHO COVID-19 Webpage
CDC COVID-19 Webpage
SC Specific COVID-19 Information
Easy-to-Understand for People with Learning Disabilities:
Coronavirus “Basic Facts” Information Booklet in English
Coronavirus “Basic Facts” Information Booklet in Spanish

For library updates, stay tuned to our website and our Facebook.