Children & Families

Children & Families Online Programming (currently active)

Currently, in an unprecedented time of pandemic and social distancing, the library is shifting to online programming to keep bringing our families the quality programming they’ve grown to love at Kershaw County Library. We’re launching a YouTube channel and broadcasting LIVE via Facebook. Some times and dates have changed, of course, so keep an eye on our webpage and our Facebook for up-to-date online broadcasts and videos.

Full List of Children’s and Family Online Programming (as of 03/31/20)

Children’s Storytimes (posted on Mondays and Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays… coming soon)
Egg Decorating
First Tuesday Tales
Little Explorers
Saturday Stories

Regular programming (seen below) is currently inactive until the library reopens.

Whether we’re talking about storytimes, weekly after-school programs, or special events, we like to stay busy here with lots of children in the library and lots of things for them to do!

Early Literacy Programs for Children

Research demonstrates that the first five years of a child’s life form the foundation for a lifetime of learning. Positive exposure to books and reading is essential to providing a child with the ability to learn when they enter school.

Literacy Training for Parents

Libraries are here to help parents and caregivers make sure our children are ready to learn to read when they enter school. At your library you have access to a variety of books and music for children and parents, educational and fun programs, free guides, and personal assistance with finding information you need.

Learning to Read

The truth is — learning to read doesn’t start in kindergarten! It starts as soon as you start talking to your child, because you (the parent) are your child’s first teacher. You will teach your child within the first five years the letter sounds and names, word meanings, new vocabulary and maybe even how to write some letters. You are teaching your child language which is followed by learning how to read. The more experiences you have with language, the easier it is to learn to read.

School Age Readers

Afterschool at the Library

Whether you come to the library after school for a specific program, for individualized attention or to take a break for an hour, you will always find something to do.

Library 101 Tours

For some, the library can be rather intimidating, but it shouldn’t be! It’s not that hard to understand once you’ve been introduced to it. We’ll give you or your group a tour, show you how to search the catalog and find a book, get you a library card if you need one, and introduce you to different resources in the collection.

Check out our calendar of events!