Literacy Training for Parents

Libraries are here to help parents and caregivers make sure our children are ready to learn to read when they enter school.

At your library you have access to a variety of books and music for children and parents, educational and fun programs, free guides, and personal assistance with finding information you need.

Here’s a list of things you can do starting from birth, to make sure your child will be ready to read:

Talk with your child.

Research has shown that the more positive interaction directly affects brain growth. Simple conversations help build vocabularies and language skills.

Sing to your child, especially nursery rhymes.

Rhythmic patterns and rhyming help your child develop “phonological awareness”—the ability to hear individual sounds in words.

Read to your child.

Even babies benefit from reading. Not only does reading to your child create a love of books, it is emotionally rewarding. Make visiting the library a regular part of your routine.

Attend a storytime.

Programs for young children are available at every branch. Learn new songs and rhymes, and meet other parents and children.

Ask a librarian for help.

Libraries have lots of information to help you: free guides, books on parenting, educational DVDs and music. Libraries provide material and programs to help you and your child get excited about reading. Our programs for children integrate educational concepts with fun group activities.

Contact us for more information.

For more information regarding literacy training, please contact Lauren Decker, Youth Librarian, 803-425-1508