Internet, Printing, and Faxing

Access the Internet

Each library branch is equipped with public access computers and WiFi.  Public access computer sessions are available for one hour with additional 30 minute sessions pending availability.  WiFi is available at all branches. WiFi is also available in our parking lots and may be used at any time.

Assistance in utilizing the computer is available. Please make an appointment with one of our librarians below:

Camden, Cris Wilson, 803-425-1508,

Elgin, Hanna Gustafson, 803-438-7881,

Bethune, Jill Fleischman, 803-310-6006,

Printing and Faxing

Faxing is available at the library for $1 per page.  The library can only send outgoing faxes; no incoming fax service is available.

Library users can print their own documents at all of our library locations.  They may also print directly from our computers or from their own devices.  We are proud to offer mobile printing!

Mobile Printing Access and Instructions

Library users may send print jobs to the printers at our libraries.  From home?  From your phone?  From your laptop connected to our wireless at the library?  We’ve got you covered!

“The Fine Print”:

  • The library user is responsible for the number of pages that are sent with the print job, so be sure to check the print preview screen to ensure that the number of pages sent to the printer is the actual number desired.  The printer only prints what the user instructs it to print.  No refunds.
  • Black and white prints are $0.15 per page; color prints are $0.50 per page.
  • Sent a print job but changed your mind?  No worries!  You can delete any print job that you no longer need.
  • If using your mobile phone, you must download the document to your phone’s files before it can be sent to the printer.
  • The print queue is deleted each night, any documents sent after we are closed on one day will not be there the next morning.
  • We now accept cash, credit or debit payments.

How To Print:

To print at Camden Library:

To print at Elgin Library:

To print at Bethune Library:

From your phone, you can also download the app:

iOS App:

Android App: