Application for Human Books

Human Library® “Human Book” Application

What is the Human Library®? The Human Library® actively encourages people not to judge a book by its cover through “human books” (volunteers) who have honest and open discussions about their unique experiences with an audience (their readers) in a safe environment. Many people have great stories to tell, and this is a chance for others to hear them. The Human Library® encourages communication around issues that are often perceived in a negative way. “Human Books” could include stories of racism, bias, addiction, mental illness, disability, ideology, and more.

We encourage looking at the international Human Library website to see examples of “human books.”

The Human Library® at KCL will take place in Winter 2022-23.
“Human Book” applications are due by December 5, 2022.

Fill out the application below to volunteer to be a “human book” or visit any branch of KCL to fill out a paper application form.

Human Library Book Volunteer

Volunteer Form for Human Books
Books are required to take a two hour online training course prior to the event. Will you be willing to participate in this training?(Required)
What topics are you willing to share your personal experience with? (Select all that apply)(Required)
Will you have any accessibility or special needs?