Application for Human Library Volunteers

What is the Human Library®?
The Human Library® is an event where human “books” are checked out to readers. The stories told by the books create personal connections that help break down barriers and diminish stereotypes.

What does a volunteer do?
Volunteers, called bookmarks, will help connect books to their readers. They will walk books to the space where the conversation will take place and remain with the books during the conversation to provide assistance, if needed. They also make sure books are “checked in” on time. Volunteers must be 18 or older.

How do I volunteer?
You can fill out the application below or request a paper form at the Camden branch.

Human Library Volunteer Form

Volunteers, called bookmarks, will help by connecting books to their readers. Tasks include walking readers to books, monitoring time, and providing assistance if needed.
Please check the events that you will be available to help:(Required)
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How did you hear about the Human Library?
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