Out in the Community

Community Outreach

We’ve changed the way we look at Outreach. We’re still getting out in the community but we’re working harder to serve you where you need us most and how you need us most.

We’ve added stops to different areas in our county and we’ve gotten geared up to keep our patrons (and librarians) as safe as possible in uncertain times. We’re working outside of the bookmobile now with tables, chairs, and distance. We’re wearing masks to reduce germ spread. The bookmobile is being used as transport for books and a checkout hub, accessible to librarians only. Our books are set up on our tables outside, with distance in between to allow for safer browsing.

The bookmobile is a great mobile library with access just like your local branch! We even broadcast WiFi around the bookmobile, if you need it.  Come swing by and see us at one of our locations today.


For more information,  contact Hanna Gustafson, Outreach and Publicity Coordinator, at hannag@kershawcountylibrary.org or 803-669-2896.