Research & Learning

Sometimes a Google search doesn’t cut it

We can help. The library provides encyclopedias, magazines,  journal and newspaper articles, language learning, test prep, genealogy resources, and more on this website, available 24/7.

Many items are made available through Discus-SC’s Virtual Library.


Some electronic resources may ask for a username and password when you attempt to use them outside the library.  Please call any of the library locations for the current login information.

Research Assistance

Libraries used to be the game in town if you needed to know anything. While Google offers quick answers, some questions need expert help. Whether your researching family history or writing a college paper, we can help in any library. To ensure individual attention, please make an appointment.

Camden, Cris Wilson, 803-425-1508,

Camden, Lauren Decker, 803-425-1508, (for Children’s Research Assistance)

Elgin, Rachael Sommer, 803-438-7881, 

Bethune, Rachael Sommer, 803-310-6006,