Roll Con

Thank you for attending Roll Con 2021!

Roll Con was a celebration of all things gaming. We got together with game vendors, local game companies, creatives, and food trucks to bring you the best experience in Kershaw County. The event was at the Kershaw County Recreation Department (1042 West DeKalb Street, Camden) on November 13, 2021. We hope to see you at Roll Con 2022 in Oct/Nov of this year!

*See a photo of yourself, kids, or family in the slideshow? Email hannag@kershawcountylibrary with the photo’s number (RC-1 through RC-60) and we’ll send you a copy.*


Our vendors included:
Firefly Games
Midlands Gaming Coalition
Mike Sudduth (artist of our amazing poster)
Sudduth Sundries
Unlovely Frankenstein
Random Acts of Karma
The Little DM Shop

Performed at Roll Con 2021:
Baron Stormtrooper

Food Trucks:
Metro Street Grille