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What is Advice for Readers?

Known as Reader’s Advisory, the original use was to find a book for someone to read next. A staff member provides suggestions to a person on locating a new author, a similar book, or something outside of their usual choices. This requires staff to ask a few questions so they can match you with just the right title. Advice for readers can carry over into viewing and listening as well. Let’s not forget eBooks, audiobooks, large print, movies, television or even music.

Want to find something yourself? Try one or more of these:

At the Kershaw County Library:

1. Library Displays – Displays are based on a theme and are updated with new titles as needed. Staff changes themes on a regular rotation.

2. Book Club – We have at least one book club at each branch.

Library sources provided by the South Carolina State Library’s Discus program:

1. Book Connections – Children’s and Young Adult interests covering authors, illustrators, movies, recordings, with read-along audiobooks and complete book readings

2. NoveList K-8 Plus – Elementary and Middle School interests for the next great fiction or nonfiction title

3. NoveList Plus – All ages looking for fiction and nonfiction titles

Internet-based sources (just a sample!):

1. Fantastic Fiction – Author collections and series with the author’s recommendation(s) for additional title(s) they would recommend

2. Goodreads – Book reviews and lists by users; track your reading

3. Literature Map – Type in an author and the website produces a web of other authors with similar genres and writing style

4. What Should I Read Next? – A database built on the favorites of the members, join for free

5. Whichbook – It helps choose a book based on the reader’s mood, some lists are created based on character, plot, and setting