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Kershaw County Library brings the library to you with the Outreach program.

KCL Bookmobile

The Bookmobile is a full-service mobile branch of the Kershaw County Library with books, DVDs, comics, and more. You can sign up for a library card, request & pick up items, get assistance with our website or apps, and even choose a free book to keep (at select locations)! The bookmobile is also accessible with a lift at the rear of the vehicle.

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KCL Book Van

Our Book Van is used for pop-up outdoor library experiences and deliver books to retirement homes, parks, churches, childcare centers, and special events. We set up tables or roll out our carts to conveniently create library experiences.

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Homebound Services

Library books may be delivered at no cost to residents who are unable to make it to the library or bookmobile due to physical limitations. We can bring items to an individual’s home or facility. Please fill out the form or contact our Outreach coordinator at 803-669-2896.

Homebound Application

Outreach Schedule

Check out our calendar to see when we’ll be back in your neighborhood:

First Fridays at 3 PM – Hallmark at Roy Truesdell Apartments
186 State Rd. S-28-743, Lugoff, February 2

Second Fridays at 3 PM – Lynnwood Apartments
841 Frenwood Ln, Lugoff, February 9

Second Fridays at 2 PM – Sherwood Apartments
7 Sherwood Court, Lugoff, February 9

Third Fridays at 2 PM – Camden Cove Apartments
328 Ballfield Road, Camden, February 16

Third Fridays at 3 PM – River’s Edge Apartments
971 Wateree Boulevard, Camden, February 16

Fourth Fridays at 3 PM – Fox Run Apartments
148 Wall Street, Camden, February 23

Second Thursdays at 11:30 AM – Belmont Baptist Church MNC
65 Payne Pond Rd, Westville, February 8

Second Fridays at 12 PM – Kirkwood Park FFS (Book Van)
192 Stowers St, Camden, February 9

Third Tuesdays at 1 PM – Bethune Community Center MNC
302 Norwood St E, Bethune, February 20

Third Tuesdays at 2:30 PM – Mt. Pisgah Community Center MNC
5160 State Rd S-28-31, Kershaw, February 20

Fourth Wednesdays at 12 PM – Boykin Park FFS (Book Van)
1615 Campbell St, Camden, February 28

First Tuesdays at 9 AM – Montessori School of Camden
2 Montessori Way, Camden, February 6

Second Thursdays at 2 PM – North Central High School
3000 Lockhart Road, Kershaw, February 8

Second Fridays at 8:30 AM – Camden High School Special Education
1022 Ehrenclou Dr, Camden, February 9

Third Thursdays at 11:30 AM – Continuous Learning Center
1109 Campbell St, Camden, February 15


None for February 

Outreach Services

Contact Outreach

If you’d like more information on upcoming outreach events, contact our Outreach Coordinator, Jill Fleischman.