Write Club: Poetic Form Begins in April

This program is currently full. We are still creating a waitlist in case a participant can’t make it or has to drop out. If you’re interested in adding your name to the waitlist, please fill out the form below.

Join KCL for a club specifically for adults who love to write! Write Club began in 2021 and has been exploring creative writing and autobiographical themes. The great thing about Write Club is there is no homework and no writing to be done on your own before the meeting. Show up, learn a little, and start creating a masterpiece right then and there.

April is National Poetry Month and we’re celebrating it with other poetry enthusiasts. Learn about varying types of poetic form and pen your version in 15-20 minutes. You can choose to share or just listen to others’ writing. The “write” way is your way with Write Club.

Write Club meets every Wednesday via Zoom from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM starting on April 6, 2022. If you need to leave early, we totally understand. Adults are busy and our lives are unpredictable! The only request we have is to show up by 6:15 PM.

Our poetic style study will focus on limerick, haiku, sonnet, acronym/acrostic, ode (broken into two sessions), free verse, and elegies. Each meet has a different theme of poetry, so if you have to miss one, it’s okay. Just let us know in advance so we may ask a waitlisted person to join us that night.

Please note: if you sign up but miss two meetings with no notice, we reserve the right to fill the spot with someone on the waitlist.

Write Club Waitlist

Write Club: Poetic Form has been filled to capacity! You can still join the waitlist or explore other options with the form below.
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